One of two moms who write at the Metro DC Mom blog. I'm a mommy to two boys, librarian, writer, tree hugger, running coach and runner of many miles trying to raise my kids "green" in an urban environment.

I love this idea! My blog is Metro DC Mom. I write 5 or 6 times a week, so I may not manage 3 comments every time, but I'll do my best.

Ghosts of Halloween Past
Many (many!) years ago I took this picture of a friend of mine. It was at a Halloween party at a fraternity at my university. An alum came down and donned the lamest Halloween costume ever, what he called a "Charlie Brown ghost". At some point in the evening, we decided it would be funny to write on him. By the end of the evening, he was deemed "Beta Bridge", a local bridge where everyone painted party announcements, happy birthdays, and even a few proposals.

Moms on Twitter
Join this group if you are also on Twitter! It would be great to follow a bunch of the moms that are on here through Twitter as well. Don't forget to leave your Twitter username in the comments when you join this group so we can follow each other!.

Time with my tribe
I have been incredibly busy lately. I'm not sure I've been this busy before in my life. I'm juggling writing, running, volunteering with two schools and a running group, cub scouts, soccer, normal wife/mom stuff, trying to become a running coach, being the PTA secretary... I'm sure there's more, but those are the things that come to mind right now, in my five minutes before I need to run in another direction.

Time with my tribe
Two things have completely fallen by the wayside lately: reading and time with my friends. We've managed a few dinners out with friends, but I've missed four coffees and three moms' night out options in the last 3 weeks alone. While I'm unlikely to ever hit all the opportunities that arise, I'm not happy that I haven't.done.a.single.thing with my female friends lately. My physical health is great (I'm an obsessed runner and I've put in a lot of miles), but my mental health was beginning to suffer.

Take A Child Outside Week
Friday kicked off the "Take a Child Outside" Week. There were a lot of activities around the area, but unfortunately, we weren't able to participate. We were outside for a large part of the weekend, but we weren't exactly communing with nature. Instead, our weekend was filled with sports: my race (got 2nd in my age group!), Shoo's soccer class, Jones' soccer game, and the Nationals' game. I love the fall and I love getting outside and hiking and picking apples and going to fall festivals, but as the kids are getting older, we find ourselves more and more "scheduled".

Things to do in Old Town Alexandria with kids: Washington Monuments Tour
Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day. In fact, it was one of those near perfect days that Virginia offers in the fall. We try to make sure we take advantage of those days whenever they happen. Since we were up early for Jones' soccer game, we decided to head into Old Town Alexandria for lunch. Beer Geek and I had won tickets for a monuments boat cruise at an auction last year, so we decided to use those and buy tickets for the boys.

Running Mommies
Mommies who love to run, workout, talk fitness tips, and share healthy recipes. I'm an ex-collegiate track athlete that can share the tips I've learned along the way, while also being a SAHM to a toddler that also struggles to get my workouts in..

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脂肪燃焼促進系のダイエットサプリ。これは、体温上昇や代謝の促進、血行促進などの効果で、脂肪を体内で燃焼させやすくしようという働きのダイエットサプリです。その中でも、運動した際に脂肪が使われやすくするダイエットサプリ系統と 新陳代謝そのものを促進するダイエットサプリ系統との2つに分かれます。代謝や運動によって脂肪をエネルギーとして消費することを狙いにしていますので、運動とダイエットサプリは組み合わせて効果が出るものでもあります。

・くすみ くすんでいる肌は年齢よりも老けた印象を与えます。ピーリングで一段明るい肌を目指しましょう。
・シミ・色素沈着 加齢に伴り徐々に濃くなるシミ。ピーリングでシミを薄く目立たなくすることも出来ます。
・にきび痕 若いころに出来たのであきらめている人も多いきびの痕。ピーリング若干の改善が出来ます。
・にきび 今、ニキビで悩んでいる人に朗報。ピーリングはニキビ対策にとても有効です。
・小じわ 加齢とともに増えた目尻のちりめん皺は、女性なら気になるところ。ピーリングは小じわ対策にとても有効です。
・毛穴 ピーリングは毛穴、特に黒ずみによる毛穴や角栓が詰った毛穴の改善にも役立ちます。



エボーシュ(ETA社など)を使用するのは、高性能・高品質な機械式のムーブメントを安価に入手できるからですが、エボーシュを使用することは思います。しかし、名門機械式時計ブランドにETAのムーブメントが乗っていて、それが、200万円の高級機械式腕時計と、モンブランのように10万円の手の届く範囲の時計と同じムーブメントとなると、やはり機械式時計の存在価値はどこにあるのか?という疑問も生じます。モンブランの価値はやはり、マニュファクチュール (ムーブメントから全て機械式時計の製造を自社のみで一貫生産できる時計メーカー)であることです。


風防のガラスはサファイヤクリスタルを採用、裏スケです。10気圧(水深100m)防水 です。ケースサイズは44mmです。ムーブメント ETA Cal 7750(機械式自動巻クロノグラフ・ムーブメント)クロノグラフ(60秒・30秒・12時間計) 42時間パワーリザーブ。ハミルトンのケース、べゼルはステンレススティール製です。風防のガラスはサファイヤクリスタルを採用、裏スケです。10気圧(水深100m)防水 です。ケースサイズは44mmです。インナーベゼルには、リューズ操作でM.T.0.W(最大積載重量)を記録する能を搭載。

デイトナ、少し値上がりしましたねぇ。2月末には、Ref.116520(ブラックダイヤル)は100万円(税込み)でしたが、4月はじめの段階で、104万円前後まで値上げしましたね。ロレックス 中古市場では、Ref.116520(ホワイトダイヤル)は89万円でしたが、94万円です。やはり、デイトナ50周年に向けて、大手並行輸入店は何かアンダーグラウンドの情報があるのかもしれませんね。